About us

Welcome to Delbello & Dini, a journey born from the hearts of a united family passionate about Brazilian jewellery and gemstones. Founded by a mother and her daughters, our brand is much more than a company - it's the expression of a generational heritage, where the love for jewellery has been passed down from mother to daughters.

In our family, strength, determination, and the refusal to accept "no" as an answer are values that drive us. For us, a piece of jewellery goes beyond its material value; it's a symbol of family stories, a memento that spans generations. Each piece holds emotional memories, carrying the legacy of our ancestors and keeping the presence of our loved ones alive.

Our journey is marked by changes, both geographical and professional. With a presence divided between Brazil and Europe, we carry in our DNA the richness of cultural diversity. After all, it was in Berlin that one of our partners immersed herself in the art of jewellery making, transforming our passion for jewellery from a mere admiration for the finished piece to an appreciation for the development process as well. This fusion of influences, both Brazilian and European, is the essence of our brand - a unique blend of perspectives and viewpoints.

At Delbello & Dini, we seek to bring the beauty of jewellery into our clients' everyday lives, celebrating both special moments and life's simple pleasures. Our commitment to excellence in service is personal; we want to be part of each client's journey, offering a unique and memorable experience.

We never compromise on quality in our creations, as we believe each piece should reflect the dedication and care we put into them. We are here to celebrate the beauty, history, and uniqueness of each person who chooses to wear our jewellery.

Welcome to Delbello & Dini, where tradition merges with innovation to create pieces that enchant and inspire.

With love,
The Delbello & Dini Team